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p u n k i n f e s t a t i o n

[forum for radicals]

we're spreading...
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punk, anarchism, anarcho-punk, diy, community, activism, civil disobedience, anti-fascism
this place is here for people to bring up good points and discuss them, for people to ask questions and to get answers, and to post what's going on around them.

for people to get informed and grow...

+feel free to discuss anything really, but here are some ideas:
..local scenes/upcoming shows
..politics/the world
..latest news/any type
..and anything you feel is worthy, just try to keep the maturity to a respectable level.

corey work_and_die

you. you alone keep this community living...

[some simple rules requests]
[2] please keep this community alive by posting and telling your friends and other communities about us.
[3] feel free to introduce yourself when you first join up. new people rule.
[4] if something is bothering you, speak up, this IS a community FOR it's MEMBERS.
[5] DO NOT post links or promotions to rating/application communities, they will be deleted.
[6] DO NOT patronize people for what they believe in, please keep an open mind.

image by: BANKSY

member and community links can be found: HERE.

join up pussy!
1905, 45 grave, 7 seconds, a global threat, a.p.p.l.e., a//political, activism, against all authority, against me!, agnostic front, ak press, alcohol, alternative tentacles, amebix, anal cunt, anarchism, anarcho-punk, anarcho-syndicalism, angelic upstarts, anti-authoritarianism, anti-fascism, anti-militarism, antidote, assuck, attak, aus-rotten, bad brains, bad religion, balzac, bauhaus, black flag, books, born against, caustic christ, chaos uk, choking victim, circle jerks, civil disobedience, conflict, crass, crimethinc, crust, crusts, culture jamming, dead city rejects, dead kennedys, defiance, direct action, discharge, diy, doa, dreams, dumpster diving, econochrist, endless struggle, explosions in the sky, f-minus, fear, feminism, flux of pink indians, freedom, fucking, fugazi, gauze, gbh, godspeed you black emperor, government issue, grindcore, gwar, hate, henry david thoreau, hp lovecraft, in my eyes, indymedia, iww, love, mdc, menace, ministry, minor threat, misfits, murder by death, narcoleptic youth, negative approach, nick blinko, oi polloi, oi!, old school hardcore, operation ivy, oxymoron, pennywise, philosophy, phobia, poetry, politics, propagandhi, protests, punk, punks, punx, radicalism, reagan youth, refused, resistance, revolution, riots, rise against, rudimentary peni, sham 69, shows, siouxsie and the banshees, slayer, smoking, snfu, soa, social distortion, society system decontrol, ssd, street punk, strung out, subhumans, syndicalism, the adicts, the cramps, the creeps, the explosion, the germs, the nerve agents, the partisans, the unseen, the varukers, tsol, world burns to death, x, youth brigade, zounds